questions and answers for those

who give via stock transfers

Where do I find instructions for a stock transfer?  The Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation handles our stock transfers.  They provide an instruction sheet and formsYour broker or the firm where your stock account is held will need to call them before submitting the transfer forms (1-888-903-9863).  

Why is the transfer going through the Wisconsin Conference?  The Minnesota Conference has contracted with the Wisconsin Conference to provide investment management services, including processing stock donations. As a result, you can donate stock or mutual fund shares to the Grove United Methodist Church with neither the church or you personally being charged a service charge. 

Is there a personal advantage to donating through stock transfer? If you donate appreciated stock or shares (instead of selling and then donating the funds), you save capital gains taxes. Additionally, you can give some or all of your Required Minimum Distribution to the church tax free as well. 

Who do I go to with questions?  Our Business Administrator is willing to answer additional questions.