When you're ready get to know us a little more, we're ready to get to know you a little more.  Consider joining a connection event to build relationships, find your place, and deepen your faith.

ways to


first connections

5-week relational small group

First Connection Groups are for those newer to our faith community who are looking to make some new relationships in the church. Through these groups, you'll have the opportunity to join together, get to know one another, and learn about The Grove. New First Connections Groups run six times per year (about every eight weeks) and are facilitated by members who enjoy helping new people find their place in our community.  

coffee w/ a pastor

we'd love to hear your story

Sometimes when people are connecting with a church, they're experiencing a significant life event or transition, and desire spiritual support. Other times, people just want to get to know the pastors a bit more. Whatever the reason, Pastor Dan or Pastor Kelly would love to have coffee with you and learn about your story. Reach out to us at the contact information below.  

connect & grow

learn about us & consider membership

During an hour-and-a-half gathering, you will hear about our mission, vision, and values; meet others interested in learning and connecting; find out about study, service, and fellowship opportunities; and get your questions about the church answered. Connect and Grow Gatherings are scheduled about every six weeks. After the gathering, some participants choose to become members.  

LAUNCH seminar

discover & share your gifts

LAUNCH is a program designed to help each person fulfill their God-designed purpose in the world. Participants spend time reflecting on their God Dream and then work with a coach to bring that Dream to life. This three-hour seminar is offered quarterly for all who are interested.